Rare earth metal price trend in this week Nov18-Nov 22,2019


25-Nov 26-Nov 27-Nov 28-Nov 29-Nov
PrNd Metal  CNY /TON 363000 363000 363000 360000 360000
US dollars/Kg 51.857 51.857 51.857 51.428 51.428


note1: PrNd Metal,≥99%,Nd75%
note2: Above price in us dollars, according to: us dollars/CNY=7
note3: The price of Ndfeb magnet mainly deponds on the PrNd meterial.
The propotion of NdPr ingredient in magnet is different corespond to different grade magnet and  varing manufacturer’s  technology.
Above price just for your reference on magnet’s price trend

Post time: Dec-05-2019